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Up Close and Personal

   Welcome to my personal blog where I will dive into my past, present, and future, my past relationship with alcohol, my new relationship with zero proof beverages and solo travel tips.  This is a safe space to share stories, talk about how we have survived, thrived and well basically are still alive.   It has not been an easy journey, it has been a lonely journey, but one of the most deeply fulfilling journeys I have ever taken. 
If you ever really want to get to know your true authentic self, take away all of your vices, take a deep dive into therapy and slowly find out who you are, find out what you really enjoy and what things in life truly bring you joy and happiness.
I am on a journey of self-discovery, finding my joy, spreading the word of the Zero Proof Movement, exploring the world and finding true inner peace.   
Be Brave

Be Bold
Balance, Revise and Thrive!

                                                                                 Thaks for coming along for the ride,                              
 J. Spice                                               

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