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Welcome to my personal journey of how I removed alcohol from my life and am learning to love who I am AF and how my love of travel has an entirely new light.


If you have ever wanted to re-evaluate your relationship with alcohol or remove it, I am here to support you.


I am a sales leader in the huge world of hospitality, and I am a HUGE advocate for the Zero Proof Movement. Every person should have options when going out, dining or entertaining and I am not talking about that one can of NA beer behind the bar. There is an entire new world of alcohol removed or zero proof spirits out there now and they are really amazing! You will never even miss the alcohol! I sure don’t!


Follow my journey, join in, be part of the tribe, because damn it ~ We are a VIBE!


Be Brave

Be Bold

Balance, Revise and Thrive!

Just Breathe and Be






Image by Kumiko SHIMIZU
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